Mill & Production

Lerchenmühle Golling

In 2019 construction work commenced on the new timber-built, passive heating silo designed to accommodate 400 metric tons of cereals. The structure has introduced several new ecologically-friendly, technical and quality-enhancing features.

Until now domestic and foreign packaging businesses were involved along the production chain. In the future, the latest investment will enable us to produce superior-quality cereal products, with and without gluten, and to package them ouselves – all in the same facility. Customers will be able to rely on seamless quality assurance and 100% traceability – from the finished product, all the way back to the original Austrian farmer who supplied the crop. At the moment, in this regard, we’re unique in Austria.

As well as filling whole tank trucks and large containers with loose material, we also provide a full range of package sizes for domestic use.

In the future, a wide range of cereal products will be packaged in units holding 250g up to 3,000g – all in one and the same plant.
We particularly believe in keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. 100% of both primary and secondary packaging will be made from paper and corrugated cardboard. In contrast to producers of conventional products, we do not use any artificial materials. Wieser Automation is working with us to design and build a fully-automated filling plant, completely customised for our purposes.

Once the silo has been completed the most important Austrian cereal innovations available will be:

• Gluten-free products from Austrian corn and buckwheat
• Gluten-free packaging for the grocery trade
• Products with 100% ecologically-friendly paper packaging
• Baby food-quality Austrian corn products: Up until now there was no producer in Austria capable of providing raw materials from corn of a quality suitable for baby foods. The raw ingredients for Austrian producers were imported from Germany or Eastern Europe. Lerchenmühle is now the first Austrian company to provide this option!