Traceability and supreme Qualtity Assurance

Regional agriculture and Austrian cereals from selected farmers. We guarantee! And the AMA quality seal does too!

To guarantee the very best quality, every batch of a product is subjected to a multi-step quality assurance process. The quality of each product is monitored seamlessly and documented precisely – from the inspection of raw ingredients to the analysis of the end product. This enables us to intervene actively whenever and wherever necessary.

Lerchenmühle supports regional farmers and growers. We only process Austrian cereals from selected growers who meet our quality standards. Guaranteed by the AMA quality seal.


No genetic manipulation – no additives – pesticide safety inspection

The Lerchenmühle brand guarantees that only non-genetically-manipulated Austrian cereals are ground here. Our aim is to produce superior-quality, healthy foodstuffs for our customers in harmony with nature. We believe it’s important to deliver a natural and original product without the use of additives. Pesticide residues are also measured very precisely to guarantee consumers enjoy a pure and natural product.

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